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Dunster Archery Week

Including GWAS Outdoor Championship

The Grand Western Archery Society holds it Annual Archery Championship Meeting at Dunster Castle Deer Park in June each year, set in the grounds of Dunster Castle which has been a fortified Tor since the late Anglo-Saxon period. The Lutterrel family have owned the Castle since the 14th Century, until 1976 when the Castle and most of its contents were given to the National Trust.

The Annual Archery Meeting has been held in the west since 1861, and there have been many Lady and Gentlemen Champions, most notably Lucy Awdry who was champion 12 times, and Mr R Books-King who was champion 17 times, and was chosen to compete in the London Olympics, where he won a silver medal.

The very first Dunster Archery Week was held from the 15th to 22nd May 1955 and there were twenty targets were set out on the Polo Grounds. The event commenced with the Somerset County Championships on the first Sunday and finished with the Grand Western Meeting over the following weekend. The rest of the week was given over to practice and social events.

The week was voted a great success, much of which was due to the warmth of the welcome extended by Mr and Mrs Geoffrey Luttrell and the beauty of the setting.

The Yarn Market

17th Century Dunster

Dunster Images
Dunster Images

67th Dunster Archery Week, 2023

The 67 Dunster Archery Week incorporating the Grand Western Archery Society 148th Championship Meeting will take place between 17-23 July 2023.

66th Dunster Archery Week, 2022

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