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For those planning to attend the GWAS AGM and the Coaching AGM on Sunday 2nd April, there may be traffic disruptions around Taunton, so please plan your routes carefully.

posted 27 March, 2017

A poll of the Senior County Teams resulted in a preference for changing the format of the Senior Inter-Counties event from York / Hereford to WA 1440 rounds.  Following a discussion and vote at the GWAS Council meeting in October 2016, it was agreed the format will be changed from 2017 to become a WA1440, World Record […]

posted 19 March, 2017

It’s a great time to be an archer. Beginners today have access to more coaches, ranges and shops than ever. People on every continent are enjoying archery as the sport grows exponentially, sparking even more demand for places to shoot, train and host tournaments. Among archery’s newest venues is the World Archery Excellence Centre in […]

posted 7 March, 2017

The Pan American Games follow the Asian Games in adding compound competition to the programme. For the first time since archery was introduced to the Pan American Games in 1979, the multisport event programme will include a compound competition for the 2019 edition set to be held in Lima, Peru from 26 July to 11 […]

posted 7 March, 2017

The venue for this year will be the Worlds End Pub Bradford on Tone, Taunton Somerset TA4 1ET and being a pub venue those attending may wish to arrive earlier and enjoy a lunch and a drink. All Council positions are required to be elected annually at the AGM.  This year there are a number […]

posted 1 March, 2017

Congratulations to Dave Jones of Chippenham Archers who has been voted BBC West’s Unsung Hero of the Year! Dave, who has dedicated the last 20 years to the club, has coached more than 600 archers, including internationals like Jo Frith who won gold and silver medals in Rio. Jo said: “He was the first person […]

posted 7 November, 2016
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