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ArcheryGB Adaptive Devices Workshop

Please be advised that ArcheryGB are holding an Adaptive Devices Workshop on 9/10 November 2019. It is being held at Bottisham Sports Centre, Cambridge, CB25 9DJ.

Full details can be found here

Please find the results from the GWAS Senior Intercounties at Exeter School on Sunday 22 September here

Please be aware that the nomination period for this years GWAS Awards is soon closing (30/09/19).

The following link takes you to the area of the website with the process and form required.

The GWAS Senior Inter Counties is taking place this year at Exeter School on Sunday 22 September. Rounds will be Ladies and Gents WRS WA1440.
The teams will consist of –
4 Lady Recurves
3 Lady Compounds
2 Lady Longbows
2 Lady Barebows
6 Gent Recurves
4 Gent Compounds
2 Gent Longbows
2 Gent Barebows

The new more modern entrance for the start of Dunster Archery Week 2019.

Banners and feathers for the region and all of the counties are displayed around the Deer Park.

The target list for Dunster 2019 is now available on the Dunster page of the website via the following link –

Dunster Archery Week

Archery GB Logo

ArcheryGB law 25 has been updated and is now contained with the Shooting Administration Procedures (SAP’s) the text of SAP 8 – Eligibility is shown below:-

(a) Only a member of Archery GB or a person who is a member of a national society affiliated

to World Archery (or such successor organisation as may take over the role of World

Archery from time to time) may shoot or officiate at any of Archery GB’s meetings or at

any meeting of a Regional Society, County Association or Associated Club.

(b) Only an Archery GB member who is a British National Citizen may be the relevant British

National Champion and holder of the associated trophy.

(c) Home Nations are responsible for setting their own squad and team selection criteria

however, once an archer has represented one Home Nation in any particular age

category, they may not represent another Home Nation in that age category. Where

relevant, Home Nations Commonwealth Games Selection rules will take precedence.

(d) Regions and Counties are responsible for setting the eligibility criteria for their own

championship titles however, no archer may compete for championship titles of more

than one Region or County during a subscription year.

(e) Regions and Counties are responsible for setting their own squad and team selection

criteria however, no athlete may shoot for more than one Region or County during a

subscription year.

(f) An archer may belong to, and shoot at, more than one club in any one subscription year.

(g) The club through which the archer’s Archery GB annual subscription fee is paid (the club

stated on the Archery GB membership card) shall have first claim on that archer. Before

representing another club at a tournament or competition an archer must first get

permission from their first

It is with great sadness that we have to report a burglary at Deer Park Archers lovely new clubhouse –

Deer Park Archers Break In

At the recent European Grand Prix in Bucharest, Romania athletes from Deer Park Archers in Gloucestershire performed extremely well.

Compound woman Lucy Mason was successful in securing a European Games Quota place in the gold medal match against Janine Meissner (GER) who scored 143, Lucy tying the match at 143 but unfortunately narrowly missing out in the shoot off.

Lucy Mason along with fellow Deer Park athlete Ella Gibson and Jersey’s Lucy O’Sullivan came away with the silver medal from the match against Estonia losing out 225 to 222.

Archery GB Logo

It was a pleasure today to witness yet again GWAS volunteers being honoured at a national level –

Bronze Plaquettes –

Michael Vittles – DWAA

Robin Leveridge – SCAA

Gloria Mead – DWAA

Joan Griffiths – DWAA

Alistair Robinson – GAS

Silver Plaquette –

Andrew Rees – SCAA

Full update available on the Archery GB website here

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